Windfoil Zone is the #1 destination for windfoil and water sport hydrofoil news.

Windfoil Zone was launched in 2017 as a result of many hours of frustration spent trying to find relevant content about windfoiling on the internet.

We were sick of spending so much time and energy looking through forums and websites just to find relevant foil information. There were small bits and pieces of information on multiple sites dedicated to windsurfing, but no one was serving the new windfoil market.​

Windfoil Zone Founder: Romain Jourdan

Over the years we’ve built a reputation and name in the industry as being the premier windfoiling website and Instagram account which has allowed us to have great relationships in the industry with both pros (like Antoine Albea) and equipment manufacturers (like Slingshot).

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow windfoiling, wingfoiling, and all foiling water sports in global popularity by offering great equipment at great prices, and all the information you need to confidently fly across the water.