The Best PFDs for Stand Up Paddle Boarding [2022 Review]

The best PFDs for stand-up paddle boards

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a blissful activity, and—save for its more extreme versions on whitewater rivers or heavy-duty surf breaks—it’s about as chill as watersports come. Some paddleboarders are thus lulled into a false sense of security, forgetting that anytime you’re out and about on the water—any kind of water deep enough to SUP […]

The Best Electric Pumps for Paddle Boards [2022 Review]

The best electric paddle board pumps

The inflatable SUP board is an awesome invention that has opened up paddle boarding to a whole new audience. Inflatable boards are lighter than hard boards, more robust, easier to store and carry, cheaper, and you don’t even need a roof rack to haul them. Perfect! Except for one downside – having to pump them […]

Types of Paddle Boards [Beginner’s Guide]

8 types of paddle boards

Among outdoor recreation in general and watersports specifically, few activities have exploded in popularity as much as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). This beginner-friendly mode of getting on the water has broad-based, all-ages appeal, and many who are introduced to it—say, via rentals at popular beachfronts or destination resorts—get altogether hooked and end up wanting to purchase […]

What is an eFoil? How much does one cost? [2022 Update]

what is an efoil feature image

Foil surfing is one of the newest and most exciting extreme sports. It’s taking surfers to formerly unknown waves and offering unforgettable sessions on days that were formerly unrideable. The board flies above the ocean’s surface due to a hydrofoil, which creates lift similar to an airplane wing. This allows surfers to catch even the […]