The Best Surf Smart Watches [Surfing and Windsurfing]

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For decades, surfers were viewed as beach bums who would easily skip work for a good swell. They certainly didn’t need watches. But as technology has advanced, surfers have advanced too. They’re checking online forecasts, squeezing in surf sessions on lunch breaks, and tracking tides during meetings. All of these tasks and more have been […]

Deep Tuttle vs Plate Mount – Foil Mounting Systems

deep tuttle vs twin track

Hydrofoils have advanced rapidly in their design over the past few years, achieving new levels of strength, durability, and lightweight performance. One part of the foil that has been pretty rapidly changing is the connector plate/mounting method used to connect it to the board. A foil generates a tremendous amount of leverage, especially when the […]

What is Foil Surfing? All About the Evolution of Surf

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Once on the fringe of popular surf culture, hydrofoil surfing is now quickly becoming the main event in the ever-evolving sport. Foil surfing (or surf foiling) is the sport of riding a surfboard which has a hydrofoil attached to the board instead of a fin. This allows the surfboard to fly above the water. The […]

What is an eFoil? How much does one cost? [2021 Update]

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Foil surfing is one of the newest and most exciting extreme sports. It’s taking surfers to formerly unknown waves and offering unforgettable sessions on days that were formerly unrideable. The board flies above the ocean’s surface due to a hydrofoil, which creates lift similar to an airplane wing. This allows surfers to catch even the […]

What is Wing Surfing / Wing Foiling? All Questions Answered

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Have you just witnessed someone zipping around some waves with a surfboard 2 feet above the water while holding onto a giant inflatable wing? If so, you just witnessed the latest craze of wingfoiling – and this craze is here to stay. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Titouan Galea 🏄‍♂️ (@titouan.galea) […]

What is Windfoiling? All Questions Answered

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The first time you see a windfoil in action, it seems almost mystical. The windsurfers hover feet above the water riding not on their board, but on a marvelous piece of engineering known as a hydrofoil. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wyatt Miller (@wyattmiller525) Not too long ago, windfoiling was a […]

Windfoiling in Winter [Gear Advice and Tips]

There’s no doubt about it, winter is definitely here in the northern hemisphere. While I love snowboarding and snowkiting, I prefer windsurfing and even more windfoiling! Windsurfing in rough conditions in winter, with strong winds and cold water. This freezing experience is the reason why most windsurfers stop the sailing season when temperatures start going […]

Are Sharks Attracted to Hydrofoils?

Do hydrofoils attract sharks? The question is popping up in many places on the Internet. We have heard and seen sharks getting very close to foilers (kitefoils, surf foils, or windfoils), and sometimes there are even some attacks on the wings. Is it safe to hydrofoil or should you be worried? While there is no […]

How to Windfoil Jump: 6 Easy Steps to Air Time!

Windfoiling is slowly but surely getting more and more popular, and the level of skillful riders keeps getting higher and higher. After the first sessions trying to find out how the foil works and how to control the pitch of the board, a natural next step is to improve technical skills, like flying in very […]