What is Windfoiling? All Questions Answered

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The first time you see a windfoil in action, it seems almost mystical. The windsurfers hover feet above the water riding not on their board, but on a marvelous piece of engineering known as a hydrofoil. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wyatt Miller (@wyattmiller525) Not too long ago, windfoiling was a […]

Windfoiling in Winter [Gear Advice and Tips]

There’s no doubt about it, winter is definitely here in the northern hemisphere. While I love snowboarding and snowkiting, I prefer windsurfing and even more windfoiling! Windsurfing in rough conditions in winter, with strong winds and cold water. This freezing experience is the reason why most windsurfers stop the sailing season when temperatures start going […]

Are Sharks Attracted to Hydrofoils?

Do hydrofoils attract sharks? The question is popping up in many places on the Internet. We have heard and seen sharks getting very close to foilers (kitefoils, surf foils, or windfoils), and sometimes there are even some attacks on the wings. Is it safe to hydrofoil or should you be worried? While there is no […]

How to Windfoil Jump: 6 Easy Steps to Air Time!

Windfoiling is slowly but surely getting more and more popular, and the level of skillful riders keeps getting higher and higher. After the first sessions trying to find out how the foil works and how to control the pitch of the board, a natural next step is to improve technical skills, like flying in very […]

Flymount Original Action Camera Mount Review

The VerdictThe Flymount Original action camera mount is versatile, well-built, and a great value at the price. Don’t cheap out on a product holding your expensive action cam!WZ Rating9.5The GoodVersatile, place all over your sailExtremely well-builtThe BadNot the cheapest mount9.5Overall RatingFind It HereView Best PriceLight, Strong, and Endlessly Versatile, the Flymount Original is the perfect action […]

From Racing to “Fun Foiling” with Jesper Orth, Former PWA Rider

Today, we talked with Jesper Orth about free foiling. We discovered Jesper and his friends in the fantastic “In Flight” videos and decided to have a chat with Jesper and share his views about foiling. Name: Jesper Orth Citizenship: Denmark / Residence in Perth – Australia Home spot: Perth – Western Australia Profession: Owner of […]

Which Hydrofoil Should I Buy, Carbon or Aluminium?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get here is “which foil should I buy, carbon or aluminum”? There isn’t a straightforward answer, it’s going to depend a bit on your personal sailing experience, budget, and more. I’ll get you to the right answer for you by the end of the article! Many new […]

Windfoiling in the Olympics [MEGA GUIDE]

Foiling is revolutionizing windsurfing and the last piece of the puzzle was to get windfoiling as the official Olympic windsurfing platform for the future. It’s now done as the Starboard IQ Foil (previously called iFoil) will be the official equipment for men and women’s windsurfing Olympic events! Following World Sailing’s working party recommendation after the […]

Expert Tips for Landing Your First Windfoil Jibes

Have you been foiling for a while now and ready to push yourself to try something new? The foiling jibe may be the next step! Jibing (or gybing) is a very basic move in windsurfing, however jibing with a windfoil is quite different and surprisingly more difficult. The windfoil jibe requires you to manage a […]