How to Windfoil [Plus 8 Common Beginner Questions]


Windfoiling has taken the windsurfing world by storm and is now is on everybody’s mind. You may have been skeptical about the whole “foiling thing”, but the fact is that everyone that has tried foiling has only positive things to say about it! Windsurf foil is a true revolution for windsurfing, offering a whole new […]

Windfoiling vs Windsurfing – Is Foil is the Future?

Are we seeing a windsurf-revolution these days? Foil windsurfing is on everyone’s lips, whether it’s positive comments or not – it’s provacative! It gets the people going! Is foil windsurfing (also known as windfoiling) going to succeed and convert every windsurfer to this new style of windsurfing? In other words, will windsurf foiling be the […]

Market Shares and Trends in the Windsurf Foiling Industry

We are very happy to see that many of you have taken the time to answer. We received 345 responses, which is enough data to get relevant statistics and derive some trends. Windsurfing or Windfoiling or both? The first question was about the commitment to windfoiling. Our assumption was that the majority of people are […]

Guide to Long-distance Windfoiling

While windsurfing is mostly about sailing back and forth in the same area, windfoiling offers you the possibility to explore and sail along the coastline of your local spot in a whole new way. Indeed, the foil gives you tremendous upwind and downwind capabilities, and long-distance sailing has become a fresh way to enjoy windsurfing. […]

Wing Foiling vs Wind Foiling – Which to Choose?

Foiling has been a revolution for windsurfing and will continue to grow in the coming years, but even dedicated windfoilers have to admit there’s something new catching their attention. The new sport “wingfoiling” is emerging and getting a lot of interest. Wing foiling seems to sit between kitefoiling and windfoiling. Winging combines great aspects of […]

PWA New Foil Slalom Format – What the Pros Say

Until now, foiling and slalom were two separate disciplines, and each had some dedicated events in 2019. Many were frustrated because having more flexibility between foiling and slalom gear would have offered more racing opportunities instead of waiting on the beach, for example during events like Marignane and Costa Brava in 2019. In Marignane, the […]

How to Choose the Right Windfoil Equipment

Buying a windfoil kit isn’t a straightforward or simple task, especially if you’re newer to the sport. There are so many decisions to make for each main component. You need to choose sizes for the wing, mast, foil mast, and wing. You need to decide on shape/design. You need to decide between carbon and aluminum. […]

Windsurfing Stall Speed and Windfoil Jibes

Words: Tez Plavenieks, Pics: James Jagger When most riders initially get into windfoiling, it’s because they want to fly in light winds and cruise along using as small a sail as possible. The hydrofoil industry has reacted to this trend with new equipment that more easily facilitates this: bigger foil wings that boast earlier lifting […]