All About AlpineFoil [Founder Interview]

AlpineFoil is a renowned French kitefoiling brand based out of the Alps who is known for specializing in the design and manufacture of carbon, aluminum and titanium kitefoils for kitesurfing and foil windsurfing. For this upcoming season, AlpineFoil has been innovating yet again and finally launches its first range devoted to windfoil the Windfoil A1 […]

Windfoiling in Light Wind Explained by Robby Naish

These are the most frequent questions about foil windsurfing, and this homemade video by the king Robby Naish himself clearly explains all you need to know to get going on a foil in light wind conditions. Make windsurfing fun again! Foil windsurfing is a true revolution in the sport. If you have been skeptical about […]

Why is My Hydrofoil Whistling?

ezzy hydra sport 5.jpg

Have you ever experienced hearing a harmonic whistling sound when you get a bit of speed on your foil? I have. Personally, it doesn’t bother me that much, but the question is if this has a consequence on the performance of the foil? My research has shown that a whistling foil is mostly a “cosmetic” […]

Bug Windfoil Review

The VerdictBug offers carbon foils at a price that the masses can afford.WZ Rating8.9The GoodAffordable carbon foilsThe BadLimited distribution8.9Overall RatingI first came across Bug foils in 2017. I was quite impressed by this brand, offering 100% carbon foils at a very low price comparing to the competition. We got in touch with Bug and their […]

Slingshot Freestyle Foiling [Brand Manager Interview]

Freestyle foiling is hardly something anyone would have thought could be possible only one year ago, but hardcore freestyler like Jakob and Balz Müller in Switzerland have shown that you can do much more than flying straight on a foil. We have recently discussed the subject with Wyatt Miller, another US freestyler who is taking […]


Name: Amado Vrieswijk Citizenship: Bonaire, Dutch Home spot: Bonaire (an island municipality of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean) Sponsors: JP-Australia , Severne Sails, LSD-fins and Brunotti Amado is probably better known as a hardcore freestyler, with several PWA victories in freestyle. However, his recent victory at the PWA foiling competition on the Costa Brava […]

Why Is Carbon Fiber The Best Material To Make Hydrofoils?

vini air 4.png

Windfoil manufacturers often mention that the carbon they use to make their hydrofoils is “high modulus”. But what does it mean exactly? Here is a quick explanation: Carbon fiber is a long, thin fiber (about 0.005-0.010 mm in diameter) composed of at least 90% carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are linked together in microscopic crystals […]

Horue’s Biplane Hydrofoil Concept

Horue has recently surprised the foiling world with a innovation: the foil biplane! 2 front wings attached together, making a surprising and exciting concept. Detractors have of course already raised their voice, while others agree that this product is an interesting innovation that deserves to be tested. Windfoil Zone is of course among the latter. […]