Sailworks Flyer Sail – Interview with Bruce Peterson

I had the chance to catch up with Bruce Peterson of Sailworks. The brand has earned a great reputation and has become a benchmark in the windsurfing world with loyal customers all around the world. Sailworks also launched the Flyer windfoil sail and shows that we should count on them in the future development of […]

10 Questions with Balz Müller – Windfoil Freestyler

Name: Balz Müller Citizenship: Switzerland Home: Bielersee Sponsors: MB Boards, Severne Sails, Moses foils Balz Müller is an up and coming windsurf freestyler, well known for his creativity on the water, regularly inventing new moves and pushing the limits of the sport. Windfoiling has until now been most interesting for freeriders, as it has offered […]

D’light Windsurf Foil Interview

We’ve had the chance to meet Joris of D’light, a board brand based in Tenerife, also making windsurf foiling board now. Never heard about it? That’s actually not so surprising. D’light is only sold in Tenerife, to visitors and regular customers, so not much international exposure but nevertheless a strong reputation for high quality custom […]

Interview with Helle Oppedal, Norway’s up and coming windfoiler

Continuing our series of interviews with #windfoilgirls, let’s meet a young athlete from Norway. Helle Oppedal is only 17 years old. She used to compete on BIC Techno and RS:X, but she is now a full-time windfoiler (she can also be seen on a slalom board sometimes, but not that often). Helle has competed in […]

Slingshot Wizard Windsurf Board Review [This Board RIPS]

The VerdictThe Slingshot Wizard should be on everyone’s list of boards to check out if they’re into freeride foiling. This company puts in the time to understand the needs of sailors.WZ Rating9.4The GoodVery versatile; great for all skill levelsQuick release foil track for getting the perfect balanceSmaller sizes can double as great wingfoil boardsThe BadOn […]

Can I Use My Regular Windsurf Board to Windfoil?

deep tuttle box

Many windsurfers would like to give windfoiling a try but get turned off by expensive foil costs and the need for a specific windfoil board on top. You’ve without a doubt asked yourself, “Can I just use my regular windsurf board to windfoil”? While I do recommend learning on a board dedicated to foil windsurfing, […]

Lip Sunglasses Review – the Best Polarized Watersports Sunglasses?

The VerdictLip makes excellent watershades for any water sport you’re involved in. If you have money for sunglasses in the $80-200 range, you can’t go wrong.WZ Rating9.5The GoodDesigned for watersports, lots of thought into designExcellent leash systemFree shipping worldwideThe BadOn the higher end of watershades9.5Overall RatingFind It HereLip ShopFinding a quality pair of sunglasses to […]

7 Ways to Train Your Windsurfing and Water Sports Balance

Learning how to windsurf and being able to balance on the board is not an easy task for beginners. Learning how to windfoil is even more difficult for a total beginner, as you also need to think about managing your vertical height on the foil while in the air. To achieve sustained flights, it demands […]

Windfoiling Strapless – Pros and Cons

Footstraps are an important component of high-performance windsurfing as it will allow you to really manipulate the board in anyway you see fit. You can leverage the board when pumping, jumping, or taking aggressive lines. But what about those that foil for the fun and sense of freedom we get flying along over the water? […]