Beginner Windfoiling Tips [Expert Advice]

Windfoil Zone has become the meeting place for windfoilers on the Internet, and we are very proud of that. Many of you are asking questions about windfoiling and we have lots of windsurfers who are eager to give foil windsurfing a try. There are a couple of questions that come up regularly, and we have […]

The Best Eco-Friendly Wetsuit [Go Green]

There has been a growing interest and consciousness for environmentally sustainable windsurfing equipment over the past few years due to the massive challenges our planet has with the increase of CO2 emissions and the shocking plastic pollution in our oceans. Windsurfers have a natural respect for nature and the ocean and while any hobby or […]

13 Tips for Windfoil Loops

One of the biggest criticisms windfoiling receives is that it’s dull – or at least looks that way to the non-initiated. For sure, ‘mowing the lawn’ in standard windy mode may lose its appeal quickly. Although I’d argue that being out windsurfing, in whatever guise, is far better than sitting on the beach or not […]

Antoine Albeau on the Future of Windfoiling

We are stoked to share an interview with 25x World Champion Antoine Albeau F-192: A fresh status on how windfoiling is developing and a small glimpse of what we can expect in the future. Interview with Antoine Albeau F192 Name: Antoine Albeau Citizenship: French 25x Windsurf World Champion Sponsors: NP, JP Australia, MAN, Quiksilver, Sellsy, […]

Windfoiling vs Kitefoiling, Which Is Better?

In the arena of wind power + foils, two sports reign supreme – windfoiling and kitefoiling. The rivalry between windsurfers and kitesurfers has always been present, but the foiling aspect may actually bring the communities together as opposed to against one another because we are first and foremost foilers! We’re bonded together by love of […]

Sportihome, the AirBnb for Surfers and Foilers!

Have you ever dreamed of a website which combines a guide of the very best spots for windsurfing (and other sports) and a booking site to find rental houses near these windsurfing spots? It actually exists and we have tested it out! Sportihome, the perfect solution for sports lovers Sportihome was developed by two French […]

Harness Lines Length For Foil Windsurfing

One of the most common “tuning” questions we get is about optimal harness line length for windfoiling. While there is no clear wrong or right answer to this question, we would like to share some recommendations from experienced foilers to give you some suggestions. We asked 5 very experienced foilers to share their thoughts and […]