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Windsurfing has reached another dimension, flying on a foil above the water's surface.

Sails for foiling are best light, with low end grunt and superior upwind character. The Skyscape design package includes 5 battens with 3 cams and a low outline configuration.

Skyscape's sail profile exhibits pronounced forward orientation, increasing the low-end grunt needed in light winds to pop up and go. Softer and more forward-oriented batten systems with a slightly firmer leech perfectly match the more front-foot oriented stance associated with foiling.

In 2019, Loftsails introduces the Skyblade, a foil sail for racing.

Read also the interview with Loftsail's head designer, Monty Spindler

Product video: 2020 Loftsails Skyscape

Product video: 2020 Loftsails Skyblade

Source and pictures on this page: LOFTSAILS

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