A range of foil for all levels and all kind of foiling:

The Flight aluminium foil and Glide foil are designed for freeriding and beginners. The FLIGHT F4 EVO and Racing foils are performance carbon foils designed in collaboration with F4 FoilsFins USA.

Product video: Glide Wind
Product video: NeilPryde Flight F4 Racing Foil


The new FlightEvo is a windfoil sail with high aspect ratio for optimised speed, balance, and control. A top notch foil racing sail.​ It has a progressive aspect ratio across different sail sizes in order to address the specific functionality:

The new 7-batten layout of the sail makes it lighter overall, and dramatically improves its handling especially during maneuvers, which is extremely important in foil racing.

This sail is an evolution of its predecessor, fully delivering on the high aspect ratio needed to speed through your next finish line effortlessly. This sail has it all: speed, gracious design, stability and control, and it won’t let you down, no matter if upwind, downwind or reaching.

The FlightEvo brings a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, superior control and stability to a wide range of performance minded sailors.

Price: From €1250

Source and pictures on this page: NEILPRYDE

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