Phantom is maybe better known for its catamarans, but the brand has now launched a range of high quality gear within windfoiling. You can read the story of the brand here. The brand has launched 2 windfoils and 2 dedicated foil sail.


Phantom offers 2 different foils in the range: Freeride and Race. They both have the same design features, but the freeride foil is using a more affordable prepreg carbon lay up: the high tensile T700 versus the M40J for the Race foil. (T700 is used by all major brands for their high-end windfoils).

The mast and the fuselage are also shorter (95 & 90 cm) to give better control and comfort, without compromising performance.


Phantom has designed 2 different sails with high aspect ratio for foiling.

  • The Iris X is a freerace sail designed for foiling and more affordable than the Iris RF, which is a no compromise racing performance foiling sail.
  • The Iris RF is a race foiling sail with 8 battens, 4 cams, and a large mast sleeve.

Product video: Foiling is everything

Product video: Phantom promo video

Source and pictures on this page: Phantom International

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