The Logosz's were in Windsurfing before Slingshot so it's back to the roots... Slingshot is fully committed to foiling as an entire category of their brand, and they have an ambitious vision for the future of this amazing sport.

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The HOVERFGLIDE FWIND series complete foils are designed to make your leap into foiling easy. The aluminum/carbon windsurfing foil is designed for control, stability, and early take-off. Built on the modular Hover Glide platform, the FWIND series is set up to allow you to progress, but never outgrow. It offers a modular platform where you can choose either the mast size or wing profile.

The FWIND foils offers great speed, awesome turns, and comfortable performance.

The 2019 edition has a new front wing, "Infinity 76 wing". It is designed to pack the most amount of range into a larger foil that has plenty of lift and stability. This wing delivers everything you may expect at low speeds, early planning, stability, and easy jibes.

Hover Glide FWIND:

Larger front wing with plenty of lift at low speeds and increased stability, makes learning to foil easy.

GHOST WHISPER WINDFOILS: Performance Carbon foils

The Ghost Whisper series is an addition to the Slingshot foil range in 2019. These foils are best suited for riders who already know how to foil and are ready for a high-performance freeride design and high-end carbon construction.

Source and pictures on this page: SLINGSHOT

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